This script can be used to modify an existing mtrack instance. You should try
to use the administration interface where possible.


% cd $MTRACK
% php bin/modify.php ...parameters...


--repo {name} {type} {repopath}

Adds a source repository. This works in the same way as the
repo option for bin/init.php.

Defines a link between the project identified by short name {project} and the
repository named {name} by the source location identified by the regex

This works in the same way as the link option for bin/init.php.

--trac {project} {tracenv}

Imports data from a the trac environment on the local filesystem at {tracenv}, and associate it with the project named {project}.

This works in the same way as the
trac option for bin/init.php,
''except that the trac imports will always be treated as
secondary instances''. This means that the tickets and wiki pages will all be
prefixed with the project name.

--config-file {filename}

Where to find the pre-existing configuration file.

If not specified, defaults to config.ini in the mtrack directory.